Ensure that human rights are protected at all stages of production and that workers enjoy good and fair working conditions. Smallholder farmers have a fair share of benefits. Improve the livelihoods of thousands of small farmers and workers through social community projects, creating jobs, increasing incomes and empowering people

  • Commitment to socially responsible business through business model orientations and business activities that benefit the community.
  • Respect human rights and provide good working conditions to improve the welfare of workers.
  • Protect the environment, biodiversity and climate through activities that reduce environmental impact and gradually implement sustainable production methods.
  • Act for local sustainable development through job creation and local livelihood development of the company.
  • Practice responsible and ethical sourcing based on dialogue with suppliers and working with partners that advocate socially and environmentally responsible practices
  • Support and build a mechanism to promote democratic values ​​in production and business activities

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