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That’s what caused the most serious famines in mediaeval times – one year is survivable , multiple years often isn’t. And you aren’t allowing for the fact that most of the effort is in growing the plants, not harvesting them – with annuals, that is lost – with perennials, they usually survive, and it is not lost. Our lifetime is the one in which humanity finally (finally!) dragged itself out of the desperate poverty in which most people lived for most of history. A number of the 400-odd reactors running today produce less than 600MW. What Daniel Duffy is suggesting is 400 “plants” consisting of 3 or 4 modern reactors each generating 1GW which would increase the amount of non-carbon nuclear generation worldwide by a factor of five or so. So yes, putting elderly care for 1st world people into 2nd and 3rd world countries can improve their care or reduce the costs or both as the wage rates there tend to be much less.

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However, the fact that the male LFPR has not recovered means that the gap is the lowest its been in US history. Before fracking became economic, North Dakota had proposed bringing back the Homestead Act due to declining population densities. The Buffalo idea was still dismissed; they still wanted industrial agriculture. So, the population grew by 10 million within that decade. Does that mean that the WWII deaths are fiction?

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Some of it went to France, but the mines were either going or gone down the tubes by then so that didn’t change anything for them. But there are still old workings which have parts inaccessible to mine explorers due to radon levels. More generally, a lot of crops are hybrids that don’t breed true. Which means you have no choice but to grow seed separately from your productive crop. I suspect this is one of the distinguishing features of industrial agriculture. Permaculture has to either become industrialised, or it’s not a solution to keeping technological society running.

  • Particularly as we get older, it seems to get more important to really take breaks.
  • Moz @ 56 Except when your local “Authority” introduces a cycle scheme which DOES NOTHING FOR CYCLISTS. It’s predicated that by shitting all over car-owners, life for cyclists will automatically become better, which it doesn’t.
  • The issue of whether the trading platform is legitimate or a scam should not be treated with levity.

There was definite hardship as can be seen by the decline in meat consumption. People’s savings declined, increasing financial insecurities. Combined with an environmental catastrophe, it did change how the US government operated. But in none of the modern cases mentioned was there a famine. Likewise, I don’t see much evidence of an increase in Greece’s death rate.

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Maybe, but sometimes it appears to be two steps forward and one step back here in the U.S. So slow that sometimes I’m afraid it’s going to bring on a new ice age. 2018 was the year when the threat of a global Nuclear War came back, especially for the USians, but a conflict with NK will eventually involve China and/or Russia, and after that it’s bad days for all of us. I wouldn’t call “direct air capture” geoengineering.

  • This list almost certainly upset you, and that’s the point.
  • For example, treating cyclists or pedestrians on a pavement or in a separate cycle lane as if they were in the same lane, ignoring white lines and speed limits when overtaking, slowing right down for blind bends and accelerating hard out of them.
  • If a vehicle I’m driving doesn’t come with cruise control as factory equipment, I’m going to have an after-market unit installed.
  • In other words, yes, right now is the most important time in human history.
  • Forex is the largest volume market having the potential to generate huge profit.

Note that some of us live in places like Australia or California, where nuclear is both unnecessary and foolish. Even Hobart is only 45 degrees south, making it not bad for solar. Building a nuclear plant on the upwind side of an island in the trade winds is less than smart, but that is the one place in Australia where nuclear might kind of start to make a small amount of sense. But for the rest of Australia the average annual yield of PV is more than 4kWh/Kw/day (a 10kW system will produce 40kWh/day on average).

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If not, what collection of lies are you following? As for pumping water out of the Great Lakes, where would it go? Certainly not to the Ogallala, that’s waaay on the other side of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and several thousand feet higher. If it would take 5 nukes to power water being pumped uphill from the Mississippi to the Ogallala, it would take xcritical twice that, plus aqueducts crossing the Mississippi and Missouri, to water that area from the Great Lakes. Certainly one could use lake water closer to the Great Lakes, but the Upper Midwest already grows vast amounts of corn and soy, watered by rain and snowmelt. There’s no reason to irrigate those lands because it would only add to the expense of grain.

  • As Australia saw with the ceiling insulation deaths, doing anything on a house roof is dangerous.
  • So will the disposal of PVCs, which also wear out .
  • Any serious effort to decarbonize the world economy will require, then, a great deal more clean energy, on the order of 100 trillion kilowatt-hours per year, by our calculations—roughly equivalent to today’s entire annual fossil-fuel usage.
  • When my late wife and I were driving from Chicago to Anaheim by way of the Great Northwet, some states’s speed limit was “drive as is reasonable”.

Somehow, I don’t think that the researchers who created this method had an anti-Roman bias. Sometimes I’m mainly interested in the thought rhythms/tone sequences and watching them ripple through my mind. Plus the referenced twitter account had pictures of owls, including a newborn owl. I haven’t enough context in UK culture to properly evaluate it . And, if you doubt this, check out if The Times did indeed run a story directly copying one of those twitter links with direct picture rips etc. THE GRID only works if your PG&E system is live.

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When you lose the segment of journalism DK represents and you are a conservative politician, something is not going well for you. “The Economist” have released their democracy index for the year, there’s a whitepaper if you sign up. But it’s widely covered so here’s the kiwi take on it.

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Trade nowReviewTrade nowReview All trading involves risk. So now my balance is just about $24.00 it isn’t worth my time or probably more money to even bother. My experience with xcritical is all bad customer service bad brokers. Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies.

SR is not the only one who has to back his assertions up with hard data. Good to know – it shows a big difference between apologetic blabbering and actual data (one can compare that to today’s noticeable demographic stagnation in Russia, which is an echo of 1990s economic decline). Addendum Based on this data, I can infer that the average American during the Great Depression had a better standard of living than the average Russian after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After all, the US population grew by 9 million people. Any serious effort to decarbonize the world economy will require, then, a great deal more clean energy, on the order of 100 trillion kilowatt-hours per year, by our calculations—roughly equivalent to today’s entire annual fossil-fuel usage. To reach the target within three decades, the world would have to add about 3.3 trillion more kilowatt-hours of clean energy every year.

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