Since 2019


CinnaKitchen was formed in early 2019 with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Vietnam cinnamon and star anise production in Vietnam. CinnaKitchen is developed by VINASAMEX., JSC – a pioneer in the field of producing and processing star anise, and high quality varieties of cinnamon. CinnaKitchen’s main raw materials come mainly from Yen Bai, Lao Cai and Lang Son provinces – These are famous places for cinnamon and anise varieties for high productivity and economic efficiency in Vietnam. Currently, we have built a factory and put it into operation with a production capacity of 35 – 40 tons/day. Besides, 02 other factories in Lang Son and Lao Cai are also gradually putting into operation

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Start the value chain of organic cinnamon & anise production by training farmers to select and cultivate high-yielding and high-quality varieties of cinnamon and anise; Next is the process of taking care of the tree during growth and development (15 – 40 years for anise and 07 – 20 years for cinnamon. At the end of the season, the products will be harvested, dried, processed and preserved; Ensure the requirements for quality and food safety and hygiene in production and processing


Raw materials are mainly imported and produced in Lang Son, Yen Bai and Lao Cai provinces

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CinnaKitchen’s production process follows international standards in each locality; Starting from the process of collection, care, to processing and transportation; All are operated and produced by us according to a closed process with a strict quality control system, and also closely follow the farmers in the process of cultivating and conserving land, taking care of raw forests. , collect, transport, process, pack to ensure the international quality control regulations in each stage, meet the standards in the international cinnamon, star anise and spice processing industry.


CinnaKitchen’s cinnamon and anise products have achieved many international certifications: Organic EU/ USDA/ JAS/ KOREAN; These organic materials, after being collected and processed at HACCP and IFS certified factories, completely guarantee the quality of the product. In addition, we also obtained the For Life certification – For Ethical & Socially Responsible Business

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February / 2013

Start the process of information research, consult foreign agencies and consult experts from international governmental organizations. 

June / 2013

Entering the implementation process and convincing people to believe in the values and benefits of cinnamon when done correctly will bring high economic efficiency; At the same time, calling for farmers to participate in the production & supply chain 

April / 2013

Begin to approach and define the raw material area; Learn how farmers collect and process. Take soil and water samples, conduct basic quality checks and send them for testing  

06 / 2013 – 06 / 2015

 Complete building of organic production chain; Training, coaching, accompanying farmers and supporting in the production and farming processes and segments.

December / 2017

 Acquired international organic certification

October / 2015 – May / 2016

 Invest in building factories and management systems up to international standards.